About our company

«DK VET» has been developing on the market for four years. We are a young growing organism with a clear mission: to create a fair playing field in the veterinary market of Ukraine and make it customer-friendly. The main objective of our company lies in providing farmers with quality products. We provide our services to members of Association of Pig Producers of Ukraine, Association of Milk Producers, as well as numerous agriproducers of Ukraine.

We deal with wide range of broad-spectrum veterinary products, including:

  • antibacterial
  • vitamins
  • medical-therapeutic additives
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antipyretic
  • hormonal
  • intramamarni and local facilities
  • antiparasitic drugs and immunobiological
  • disinfection and udder care for cattle and pigs
  • Staff of the company consists of high-class specialist with corresponding degrees, which guarantees quality and comprehensive support on all issues. Particular attention is paid to training and improvement of professional skills of the team.

    The strict discipline of drugs’ storage and delivery is our priority. The company has a 850m2 warehouse, specially equipped to maintain the proper temperature, which is highly important for storing biological products and vaccines. In order to make the transportation of veterinary drugs safe, we use vehicles specially designed for this purpose. In case you are in need of further consultancy, we are ready to help you with this as specialist of Association of Pig Producers of Ukraine and the Association of Milk Producers can provide you with needed support and ensure that the medications are used efficiently and provide the desired result.